вторник, 9 июля 2019 г.

Продажа проблемного долга ООО "Доктор спорт" (товарный знак VITAWIN)

Центр развития коллекторства начинает поиск лиц, заинтересованных в выкупе задолженности ООО "Доктор спорт" ИНН 7705925022. Долг в сумме около 30 млн. рублей подтвержден решением арбитражного суда, вступившим в законную силу, включен в реестр кредиторов в рамках банкротства, инициированного кредитором, предлагающим выкупить долг.

Кроме юридической работы, которая включает возможность привлечения к субсидиарной ответственности контролирующих должника лиц, среди которых, по мнению кредитора, АО "СМП банк", ведется информационное (PR) сопровождение долгового конфликта.
Как сообщали СМИ, ООО "Доктор спорт" было создано по инициативе Романа Ротенберга.
Press conference on the debts "under the armour" of Roman Rotenberg November 6, 2019

The “Rosbalt” press center in Moscow will host a press conference “Doctor Sport and Under Armour: Debts and Problems of Organizations Associated with Roman Rotenberg” on November 6, 2019. The speakers will be Mr. Dmitry Zhdanukhin, Director General of the “Collection Development Center”, and “KraftBerg” company representative in the bankruptcy case of “Doctor Sport” LLC. The focus will be on information regarding the problems of organizations related, according to the speakers, with the famous sports official Mr.Roman Rotenberg.
The peculiarity of the situation is that the founders, the shareholders and the management team of the “Under Armour” the famous brand of sportswear and equipment have been notified of the press conference. Recently, this company announced the closure of its stores in Russia, and at the press conference there will be presented a point of view regarding the reasons for such decision. It may be caused not only by economical but also by political reasons. The fact is that “Vostokinvest” LLC, which developed the brand in Russia, may be supported by Roman Rotenberg, who is on the US sanctions list. The Gazprombank, which is a pledge holder and, probably, a creditor of “Vostokinvest” LLC is also under sanctions. The connection between sanctions and the problems of the American brand in Russia will be discussed at the press conference. A separate forecast will be given on possible problems with creditors of this organization.
The forecast on the difficulties of receiving money from the organizations  associated with Mr. Roman Rotenberg can be made taking into account the analysis of the bankruptcy of “Doctor Sport” LLC. Mr. Roman Rotenberg have had an official relationship with the creation of this organization as well as  SMP Bank has been a member of this organization for a long time and approved a dubious protection scheme against the debt collection.

The “Doctor Sport” LLC managed the Vitawin sports nutrition store chain www.vitawin.ru. As debt problems arose, a dubious scheme was started to be implemented instead of a normal bankruptcy procedure, which  raised questions. There appeared a person in capacity of business member and company head who had never been involved in such business before. These and other details will be presented to journalists and other interested parties at a press conference on November 06, 2019.

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